About Us

Having proper footwear is important. Parasitic diseases affect 740 million people worldwide. Chronic hookworm in children leads to impaired physical and intellectual development. School performance and attendance are also reduced.

The vision behind Billy4kids started from a discussion about infectious diseases that affect barefoot children in poverty stricken areas in Africa, Brazil and Haiti.

Although the cost of treatment is expensive and most infections are recurrent, the focus should be on prevention.

Billy4Kids is recognized as a 501C3 non-profit organization. We are an organization established to provide shoes for underprivledged kids and we are also available to assist other charitable organizations.

We have collection areas in schools, apartment buildings and supermarkets. With your help we can reach our goals and provide at least 200 kids per month the proper shoes to help decrease the potential of debilitating injuries and incurable diseases.

Not only is our goal is to provide shoes for kids in these areas but also the bring awareness to the need to combat this global issue, one child at a time.

Founder Billy Lerner saw an article about children dying from parasetic diseases; after noting how blessed and priveledged his children and most children here in the United States are to have basic neccesities that children in developing countries do not have. His motivation prompted him to research and find out more about these diseases and who they affect the most.

He intiated his resources to start Billy4Kids to provide support and bring awareness to children in need.