December 2013

Distribution in association with The Theophile En Christ D’ Haiti, Haitian Ministry Theophile Church in Christ

Shoes Donated: over 100

Youth Projects

In association with:
Basketball to Uplift the Youth of Haiti (non-profit organization)

Telephone: (+509) 3795-2172

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

June 2015

Donation performed through the church of Remanente Unidos En Los Ultimos Tiempos

Shoes Donated: 1300

Bogata, Colombia

March 2017

Donation performed through the school of Vicaria Episcopal Territorial De Cristo Sacerdote

Shoes Donated: 100

Miami, FL USA

July 2014

Donation performed at the Harry Belfonte TACOLCY center in the Little Haiti area of Miami

Shoes Donated: 70

Bangkok, Thailand

April 2016

Donation performed through the Baan Kokkamin Foundation

Shoes Donated: 120

Cumberland School, Kentucky USA

June 2016

Donation performed at the Cumberland Elementary School in the AppalachianĀ region of the US

Shoes Donated: 300